SR 54 Development




Architect Concept Drawing of Finished Building


As phase one of the SR54 Retail project concludes, Mark Blanton is moving forward with the next part of his planned vision for this 4-acre property on SR 54 in Odessa Florida. 

Adjacent to the current retail center, he is building a new free-standing building, leasing prior to construction, to a neighborhood veterinary center, and a law office, with only one end cap space remaining. The building will be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019.  

Once work is completed on the free-standing building, (pictured below,) Mark will be undertaking construction on the rest of this 4-acre property.  Flex-Office-Warehouse spaces are currently in high demand within the Trinity/Odessa market.  Knowing that this area will have a multitude of business owners in need of various types of space, Mark has consulted with Pasco County to determine the greatest need for incoming businesses.  Construction is expected to commence before the 4th quarter of 2019.


Concrete Block Building Under Construction

 Current Construction Images January 2019..




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January 7, 2019

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